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Distributed generation (DG) refers to the generation of energy at the point of consumption. Generating energy in the place in need, instead of bringing it from another distant point, eliminates cost, complexity, interdependencies, interruptions and inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution. Like distributed computing (ie the PC) and distributed telephony (ie the mobile phone), distributed generation changes change control for the consumer.

The world needs distributed generation that is clean and continuous.

Historically, distributed generation meant combustion generators (eg, diesel generators). These generators were often affordable, and in some cases reliable, but they did not generate energy in a clean way for our environment and above all nothing efficient.

Recently, solar energy has become a popular choice of distributed generation. Although the production is clean is also intermittent and inefficient, which is an incomplete strategy for companies that need energy throughout the day, even when the sun is not shining and need ample space to deploy the equipment needed.

The benefits of "PureCell® Model 400"

These systems are a distributed generation solution that is clean, reliable, affordable, powerful and small all at the same time. "Fuel Cell" systems can produce clean energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, generating more electrons than intermittent solutions, and delivering return on investment faster and with greater environmental benefits for the customer. And while other renewable generation systems may require long installations, sunny locations or large tracts of land, "PureCell® Model 400" systems are modular, easy and quick to install, virtually anywhere (roof, basement, interior and exterior ) In a practically reduced space.

As a Distributed Generation we move to the forefront of corporate awareness, these teams are perfectly designed to meet the demanding needs in an economic and environmental way for companies with today's mindset.


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