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celdas de combustible petroleo

An estimated Class V for a 30 well nozzle, consumes approximately 350KW, with the "Fuel Cell" available that capacity and an additional reserve of 90KW to leverage any project of administrative facilities for re-pumping or flow stations and Lighting, for a total capacity of 440KW.

Producing energy in the needed place, instead of bringing it from another distant point, eliminates cost, complexity, interdependencies, interruptions, and the inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution.

perforacion petroleo fuel cellDelete the following operating points:

  • Electrical fault extraction problems.
  • Inefficient electrical distribution system.
  • High cost of maintenance of the electrical system.
  • Diesel distribution logistics.
  • The dependence of fuel.
  • Replacement time due to power failure.
  • Possible ruptures in transmission lines in climatological events.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Execute your activities with minimal environmental impact.
  • Minimal CO2 emissions in the generation with Fuel Cell.
  • Reuse natural gas instead of burning it.
  • Minimize sonic contamination (65db).
  • Reduce possible oil or diesel spillage during transportation or storage.
  • Reduces CO2 and NOx emissions from distribution trucks.
  • Save trees and aquifers in the construction of transmission and distribution lines.
  • Avoid fragmentation or alteration of habitats.
  • Avoid effects induced by electromagnetic fields.


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