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We work with real clean energy solutions that are often difficult to achieve for mixed-use buildings, including hotels, hospitals, office buildings and multi-tenant facilities. Real estate is a very precious commodity and maintaining control over the cost of operation is essential to maintaining profitability. In these applications, fuel cells are an ideal solution for reliable and clean energy delivery. In addition to electricity generation there are many more benefits you can derive from natural gas.

The "PureCell® Model 400" fuel cells are 90% of efficiency when waste that generates heat is used for heating and hot water heating and are also designed to allow deployment in virtually any environment. Roof, basement or next to its facilities, continuous power available in a very small space "PureCell® Model 400" systems are currently operating in numerous mixed-use buildings, including Becker Becker + multi-tenant sites in New York City, New Haven, Connecticut, and office buildings. World Trade Center in NY launched several "PureCell® Model 400" systems at the World Trade Center complex in New York City, one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the world.



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