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Currently there are several leading companies in the United States using the fuel cell energy as part of their electrical infrastructure. We help these customers reduce their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, improve their energy security, and show their commitment to a better future.


Whole Foods Market   img retail   fuelcell
The new Whole Foods Market® at Dedham contains 60,000 square feet of construction. It will generate approximately the 90 percent of its electricity and almost the 100 percent of the hot water used for fuel cell technology. This will be the second fuel cell system installed by Whole Foods Market as an energy source.   A PureCell 400 unit produces the 60% of energy needed for 69,000 ft2 of the super Price Chopper in New York. They use the surplus of the heat that the unit generates. They do this to make the heating work well, at the moment when it is necessary and it is interconnected to the electric local system, which works as a backup system in case of emergency.   Whole Foods Market opened a supermarket with clean energy in CT, using this fuel cell technology to generate the 90% of its electricity. A PureCell 400 will use the sub product of this unit in order to put the heating and the refrigerator on work. It is protected by a backup system in case that the grid gets damaged. Currently there are other systems being installed in other places.
fuel cell photo stop and shop   albany grocery fuel cell installation   albertsons fuel cell power plant installation
Stop & Shop Supermarket Company installed its firs PureCell 400 system in their chain stores in CT. This unity represents the 95% of the total necessities of electric energy in the store. This commerce has reduced its payment of electricity to a 50%, generating its own energy and ensuring a fixed expense for 20 years.
  A Supermarket in Albany installed a PureCell 400 unit in 2007. The fuel cell proportions the major part of the electricity for a 69,000 square feet supermarket. In case of a blackout, it can operate out of the grid to maintain everything working.   Albertson’s Supermarket in Claremont, California, acquired a PureCell 400 unit. This supermarket was certified as Silver LEED. This system proportions the 90% of the electricity of the place. It also recovers energy of the hot water circuit to supply the plant.
chesnut market fuel cell   whole food power plant fuel cell   shaws fuel cell installation
Star Market uses the fuel battery to guarantee power in every moment for refrigeration, elevators, illumination, cash registers and air conditioning. The technical energy will make the refrigeration system work (through absorption technology) during the whole year.   In 2011, Whole Foods in Dedham, Massachusetts, acquired another fuel battery of energy in its fourth location. Tristan Coffin, specialist in supermarkets energy, says that fuel cells are more necessary in places where the costs of the services are particularly high or inefficient and natural gas is accessible.   Shaw´s Supermarket in Newton, Massachusetts, installed in their facilities a PureCell 400 unit that will produce the 90% of their electricity. That is how they expect to reduce the energetic consuming of the store for 211.000 Kw per year. It will reuse the heat, generated by the fuel cells, to putt the supermarket´s heating into work.


fuelcell plant 05   img data center   fuelcell plant 14
In Verizon Data Centre in St. Joseph, California, was installed a Doosan PureCell energy plant in 2013. That was done for the installation of two systems of fuel cells (800KWh) cogeneration. The project of recovery of heat was utilized for hot water and through an absorption machine in order to create 90 tons of freezing water.
  Verizon installed 22 PureCell batteries. The majority of the installations were in the states of California, New York and New Jersey, with a total of 8.8 MWh of continuum power. The project to recover heat for high quality hot water is done through an absorption machine in order to create 90 tons of freezing water for the Data Centers.   A PureCell 400 unit gives you advantages to ensemble and product Doosan Fuel Cells. It provides heating and hot water to the structure. It works continually, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
fuel cell plant science center   Verizon West Sac   verizon fuel cell farm
The first step to becoming the first Science Centre of the nations is to use a fuel cell to satisfy the majority of its energetic necessities. A 200 Kw fuel will generate  100% of the electricity of the centre of the sciences. The heating that the unit generates is recycled to the heating system. It also recuperates the energy of the hot water circuit to supply the plant with hot water necessities.   Verizon Data Center Facility installed three Pure Cell systems. The system recovers energy from a hot water circuit to facilitate the use of sanitary sewers. It also recovers the heating from the high quality hot water through an absorption machine to create 135 tons of freezing water. This cold water was incorporated to the existing refrigerated water of Verizon. It reduces charge in the electric coolers.   Garden City Project of Verizon is unique because it uses fuel cells as a primary source of energy. Seven PureCell units generate energy for a 292,000 square feet installation, which offers telephony services and data services for 35,000 clients on Long Island. It is connected to an electric commercial grid as a security copy. It offers a brand new paradigm to all those enterprises that traditionally used diesel generators as security copies.

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fuelcell plant 10   fuelcell plant 11   fuelcell plant 14
In Elmsford plant, which is the third bottling plat bigger than Coca-Cola’s, two units have been proportioning the 35% of the electricity and heat required to operate the installations since 2010. The units are capable of working independently from the electric and local enterprise and from the grid.   Cox Communications Centre on the reduction of water and energy consumption. They also reduce the residues to their minimum. Cox conserves annually 21 million tons of greenhouse gases through their alternative energies initiative. Four of the Doosan PureCell Model400 systems proportion 1.6. Megabytes of continuous power.   One PureCell 400 unit welcomes you to the assembly and production of Doosan Fuel Cell, before known as UTC Power in South Windsor. It provides part of the electricity of their facilities; also the heating and the hot water of the structure. It works continually, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
fuelcell plant 04   freedon towers fuel cell   fuelcell plant 06
This plant, constructed in San Diego Gas and Electric, is connected to the city and is a modular model of the Doosan Company, interconnected to generate 24Wwh. It works silently and efficiently. It needs reduced amounts of space. This equipment uses Natural Gas. That is why it is so efficient and that is why it does not generate too much CO2 emissions.   The World Trade Centre, located in New York, is one of the more advanced buildings worldwide. It works with a PureCell® system. It reuses the generated heat to make the heating system and for the sanitary sewers work.   In CBS Television City, Los Angeles, California, 3 FuelCell systems were installed for a total of 1.2MWh of electric power; It is supplied with natural gas. This system recovers energy from the hot water circuit in order to supply the plant with its need of sanitary sewers.
index   new york aquarium   Doosan
The data centre of First National Bank of Omaha is the first client of the company. It has been working during 15 years with a continuous fuel cell. It is estimated that it has reduced the heating consumption and that it has helped them save 1 million dollars, not to mention the save of electricity and other incentives that compensate the green technology.   New York Aquarium acquired a PureCell 200 fuel cell in 2002. “Fuel batteries are extremely safe, efficient and clean, and they are everyday more important to the United States”, said Robert B. Catell, president & CEO of KeySpan Corporation.   400 KW Doosan energy plants proportion combined heat and electricity (CHP) to the private property enterprise, which produces flexible containers for the food, health, pharmaceutical and beauty industries. As part of the compromise, Amgraph is engaged with environmental protection.
fuel cell plant science center   FC plant   kosep fuel cell
The first step to become the Centre of the Sciences in the nation is to use a fuel hydrogen battery in order to satisfy the majority of their energy necessities. The 200kw fuel battery, created by UTC Power (Doosan), will generate the 100 percent of the electricity in the centre of the sciences. They recycle the heat, generated by the unit, using a heating system. It recovers the energy of the circuit of hot water to supply the plant and its sanitary sewer necessities.   Beacon Capital Partners, LLC has installed PureCell fuel battery in their facilities in New York, in order to proportion to News Corporation, the building’s principal host, an important part of the electricity they need to supply their television studios and their hot water necessities. The PureCell system combines refrigeration, heating systems and energy generation. It reduces costs of energy, increases trust and contributes to a cleaner environment.   Seven PureCell® fuel cell systems were installed in Korean South East Power Co. Ltd (KOSEP), an enterprise specialized on public services in the metropolitan area of Seoul. It will offer 3.08 MW of clean electricity to the local grid and thermal energy for the whole place. The objective is to create clean energy for South Korea and to reuse and save energy for the country.
Oakwood beach     coca cola 02
The installation of the Oakwood Beach fuel cells contains a fuel battery of 200 KW and auxiliary equipments. The civil work deals with excavation, concrete, paving and restoration, installation of mechanical pipelines, refrigeration modules and full electronic set up.
  Cabela’s, a sports store located at the east of Hartford, installed 2 PureCell 200K fuel cell systems. These unities produce the major part of the energy that they need to operate their equipments. They save a lot of money in what they spend on commerce energy. They recover the energy for the hot water circuit and the heating system of the place. They achieve the 90% of the efficiency of the system.  
Coca Cola’s Bottling Plant in East Hartford has two PureCell® model 400 fuel cells. Both units are surrounded by graphics, designed by a local student that participated in a Coca Cola’s contest.
CT Transit Fuel Cell Celdas de combustible estacionaria   connecticut juvenile training facility   totte world tower fuel cell doosan
Part of the CT Transit facilities in Hartford CT operates with a PureCell model 400 fuel cell. They got from the Doosan Company. It generates a big part of the energy they consume in their facilities and they reuse the heat generated as a sub product for the heating systems and the sanitary sewers.   Connecticut Juvenile Training Facility in Middletown operates with a 1, 2 megawatts system, boosted by fuel cells that proportion electricity, heating and hot waters to the facilities.   The South Korean Samsung Everland has acquired two PureCell model 400 fuel cell systems for Lotte World Tower. It will be the first unit installed in a skyscraper in South Korea.


fuelcell plant 13   fuelcellMakeover   Rochester Institute of Technology
“One of our main objectives as an institution is to reduce carbon emissions”, said the president of UConn Susan Herbst. “The installation of this fuel cell is a contribution to this effort”.   Hamden High School, in Connecticut, installed a fuel cell cogeneration plant in 2011 to provide power to the facility during power outages. As a desig- nated public emergency shelter, this school’s technology selection was inspired by a similar story at another school in the state.   In the Rochester Institute of Technology was installed a PureCell 400 fuel cell. The university has a research department that specializes on studying and evaluating fuel cell technology. They believe fuel technology can help us save the environment and they want to develop it its maximum.
norco collage fuel cell installation   golisano institute fuel cell power plant   eastern connecticut fuel cell installation
Norco College installation is programmed to proportion the 60% of the electricity of the campus. An absorption tower was installed to transform the heating source, generated by the reaction of the system, and generate refrigerated water instead of an electric source that is usually used in the vapor compression cycle.   Golisano Institute for Sustainability installed a Fuel Cell 400 system of their facilities. The system plays an important role for the 84,000 square feet of sustainability. The purpose is not to depend on any traditional power system and be capable of sustain themselves alone. That way they can recover energy for the hot water circuit and the heating system and reach the 90% of efficiency.   Eastern Connecticut State University acquired a fuel cell that produces 400K of continuous electric power. The heating generator uses the sub product. This one will use the 100% of the energy produced by the fuel cells system. Supplementary heat is generated by the fuel cell operation. Is the thermal power is well used, it is possible to reach the 90% of efficiency.
    WCSU fuel cell installation  
  Western Connecticut State University (WestConn) is saving a lot of money in electricity thanks to the installation of fuel cell unit. It was installed for the Midtown science building, located in the Danbury campus. Since combustion is not required in this process, fuel cells offer a cleaner alternative than the conventional fuel sources, which produce CO2 and other toxic emissions.    


power fuel cell   Architect Bruce Becker   fuelcell plant 12
Octagon is a 500 apartment residence located in the Roosevelt Island, New York. It has been one of the first buildings in the use of fuel batteries in order to take care of the environment and to satisfy the energy demands. Electricity generation through fuel batteries has been proven. Its use on the satisfaction the energy demands inside a complex has been a total success.  
  360 Street in New Have is a 500 apartment building that benefits from a PureCell 400 fuel battery. They got it from the Doosan Company. The battery offers high efficiency, non-toxic combustion and renewable energy to satisfy a 100% of the necessities of the building. It supplies thermal energy in order to warm up the swimming pool and other installations.   Bruce Becker called it “the world’s biggest Fuel Cell Battery used in a residential building”. This building is connected to an electric grid. In occasions it will take energy from the grid, just in case. Fuel cells will bring the excess of energy to the grid. It will also provide heat and hot water to the structure.
becker2   baker    

360 State Street in New Haven is a complex (700k SF) of 500 apartments. Recently they installed a fuel battery that will satisfy almost the 100% of the electric necessities of the building. It will also supply the thermal energy for the whole space, the water and the swimming pool.

  In the 777 Main Street, in a historical property located in Hartford, Becker installed a Doosan Pure Cell model 400 unit. He did it to supply the property with clean energy in a safe and trustful way.    


purecell new haven city hall   ny polica fuel cell   red
New Haven City Hall in Connecticut has acquired a PureCell 400 system. A phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) proportions enough electricity to satisfy the demand of the town hall and the Record Palace. It supplies the 60% of the heat and the 30% of the refrigeration for the buildings.   The Police Headquarters at Central Park, New York, acquired a PureCell fuel cell in order to prevent any of the power failures that may occur in the city. Currently it can generate 100% of the needed energy. It can also recover the energy of the hot water system to supply the station. Red Hook Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) operated by the Department of Environment protection of New York acquired 2 PureCell 200 units for the generation of electricity in its facilities.   Red Hook Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) operated by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection purchased 2 PureCell 200 units for the generation of electricity for its facilities.
 aqmd fuel cell power plant installation        
South Coast Air Quality Management (AQMD) is an organism that was created to control the air pollution in the Orange County and in the urban sectors of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. Enterprises have installed a 400 kilowatts fuel cells unit to serve the citizens. These cells have been made by Doosan and have a High performance.        

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