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avus chp power genetator

The CHP plant with output up to 4 megawatts.

The avus is a high-performance combined heat and power plant for high electrical power requirements (from 400 kW), which is used in industrial projects or to supply heat grids. Experienced 2G engineers skilled in large motor technology will upon request undertake full project planning and control and provide professional support in the design of peripheral components.

Enercon in Aurich uses the energy generated by three avus 1000c to manufacture rotor blades for wind power plants. Two avus 1500c combined heat and power plants are at the heart of the new power house at the main Merck facility in Darmstadt, the oldest pharmaceutical and chemicals company in the world. Both plants are capable of continuously supplying 5,500 detached homes with electricity and heat. Nordgetreide has installed an avus 800a by 2G at the Falkenhagen site. With electrical output of 835 kilowatts, the avus covers almost the entire electricity requirement of the production facility. Via a steam generator, the waste heat produced from combined heat and power generation is used to supply around 600 kilograms of steam per hour for production. At OSRAM in Regensburgone of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world, two highly efficient avus 500 plus CHP plants are used to generate electricity and heat. 2G undertook a turn-key installation of a biomethane gas-operated CHP plant with an electrical output of 4.4 megawatts and a thermal output of 4.1 megawatts for STEAG New Energies in Essen, and integrated it in the existing district heating system. The highly efficient 2G plant which runs on the renewable fuel biomethane replaces part of a coal-fired heating system.

The avus at a glance.

  • CHP series in the electrical output range of 527 to 4,000 kW
  • For operation with natural gas and biogas
  • Complete solutions for industry: Project planning, design of all components, communication with all on-site interfaces, pipework, integration in container or in existing building
  • Efficient operating mode and long service life due to excellent motor quality


avus spect1

avus spect2

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