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The agenitor series by 2G is available in the output range from 220 kW to 450 kW. Both natural gas and biogas can be used as fuel.

The development team at 2G Drives GmbH, 2G Energy AG's research and development company, has achieved excellent results in terms of the efficiency of combined heat and power plants by optimising gas motor technology. The use of steel pistons has greatly reduced frictional power and heat losses. The four-valve technology enables highly efficient gas exchange in the combustion chamber. A micro-processor controlled ignition system ensures that the ignition time and ignition energy are optimally adjusted to the gas quality.

These measures significantly increased the efficiency level. Both the agenitor 406 (250 kW electrical) and the agenitor 408 (360 kW electrical) now have an electrical efficiency level of 42.5 percent putting them at the top of their respective output classes in the world. For the operator of the CHP plant, a higher efficiency level means: lower gas consumption, lower fuel costs, higher yield.

Thanks to heavy duty motor components, the agenitor is also very reliable in regular start-stop operation.

The agenitor. Versatile applications.

Whether in the food industry, in a hospital, consumer market, hotel or leisure part, agenitor combined heat and power plants are amongst the most reliable in the world and help reduce energy consumption, energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

At the Europa-Park Rust, one of the most beautiful leisure parks in the world, two agenitor plants help keep energy consumption as low as possible. In Latvia, five agenitor 212 CHP plants installed in series also operate reliably in winter at -32 °C. All the heat produced is fed into a heating grid. At the Kempinsky Berchtesgaden, a luxury hotel, an agenitor 406 contributes to the electricity and heat supply. At the juice manufacturer albi, two agenitor 406 in combination with a steam generator and an absorption chiller supply process heat and steam.

The agenitor at a glance.

  • Innovative CHP series for operation with natural gas and biogas, 220 kW to 450 kW electrical
  • Highly efficient plant with optimised gas motor, and therefore lower fuel costs
  • Designed as a turn-key compact module
  • Modular assembly facilitates installation in less accessible locations
  • Thanks to heavy duty motor components, also very reliable in regular start-stop operation
  • Robust and low maintenance

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