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tradition gridIn the future, our power grid will not be made with a few large power plants, but with many small, decentralized Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems.

Under the current model, where power generation comes from large power plants, only 33% of primary energy is turned into usable electricity. The other 67% are released into the atmosphere, unused. The energy is lost in heating separate boilers and while the electricity travels through the grid to reach its destination.

Combined Heat and Power systems are becoming increasingly important in the energy sector’s transformation to a decentralized, stable and sustainable power grid.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way of generating electric power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. The engine drives the generator, producing electricity, and the residual heat created during this process is recaptured and turned into useful heat. 

Two types of "waste heat" are produced by generating electricity. The first type is the heat that is recovered from the engine jacket water that is cooling the engine. Secondly heat from the exhaust gas is transferred via heat exchanger. This captured “waste heat” now can be used for heating, cooling or generating steam.


2G Cogeneration Systems are a modular system, all-in-one solution. Their" ready connection "design allows quick and cost-effective installation without the need for engineering in advance.


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  • Proven operational reliability: With tens of millions of logged operational hours across the world.
  • Ultra Low Emissions: Up to 90% lower emissions capacity can be achieved.
  • Smart Operation: Automatically adjusts itself to changing energy densities and heat values.
  • Proven reciprocating engine technology: Low RPM compared to extreme high RPM axial or radial turbines with transonic velocities and increased rotation.
  • Low maintenance/ wear and tear: Reduced O&M and very easy to service with minimal down time.
  • 50% longer machine life expectancy: Return on investment and value for money is drastically improved due to a longer system life expectancy.
  • 40% higher fuel economy and energy-efficiency: 40% more efficient compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines. The most durable and energy-efficient natural gas CHP in its class.
  • Trusted operational excellence: Thousands of installations across the world and with tens of millions of operating hours with a high percentage of uptime.
  • Simply plug and play: A connection ready cogeneration plant that is carefully constructed in one module.
    Intelligent control system: Fully integrated controls with proprietary electronic management.


  • An advanced solid frame structure
  • High efficiency baseload engine
  • Extra large capacity oil sump
  • Auto makeup lubrication system
  • Manufactured, tested, and certified in
  • accordance with all applicable standards
  • Double-bearing synchronous generator
  • Pre-pressure regulation options
  • Gas train and fuel system
  • Cutting edge two-stage fuel/air mixer
  • Protection devices and relays
  • Thermal circulation system with pumps
  • Rigorous and comprehensive factory testing
  • Exhaust system/silencer
  • Ultra low emissions capability
  • Thermal Heat Extraction & Pumps
  • Super silent advanced cooling system
  • General digital control system
  • Utility grade switchgear
  • Micro process digital electronic ignition
  • Heat value fluctuation detection
  • Multi level heat extraction system
  • Thermo hydronic system with exp. tank
  • Heat exchanger (jacket and exhaust)
  • Electronically operated circuit breaker
  • Online remote control and monitoring


Natural Gas

Efficiency and independence at the highest level

2G systems for natural gas (CHP) convert natural gas into electricity and heat on site where it’s needed - without any loss of transmission. This characteristic makes natural gas cogeneration systems highly efficient and reliable.

The power of a natural gas plant (CHP) saves up to 40% of primary energy, and produces up to 60 percent less CO2 emissions than conventional energy producers. The combustion of natural gas produced in comparison to other fuels, results in the lowest CO2 emissions, and no soot.

The transportation of natural gas takes place through an underground network, thus saving further impact on the environment from road transport.

Along with being environmentally friendly, natural gas lowers energy costs. 2G systems produce the most efficient generation of electricity and thermal energy and reduce costs significantly. The heat produced is completely consumed for heating and hot water, and the electricity produced simultaneously can be utilized in the same project if relevant. Additionally, the excess electricity is fed into the grid, which guarantees additional income and a high degree of independence from fluctuations in the energy market.

Biogas: energy with added value

Biogas is considered one of the most successful renewable energy sources. 2G biogas systems produce “pure green electricity” using domestic energy sources such as biogases, derived from the fermentation process (anaerobic digestion) in natural biodegradable materials (wet or dry digestion); from the bacterial decomposition process of organic material contained in landfills (LFG); or from the fermentation and incineration process of sewage sludge at wastewater treatment plants.

With the use of 2G biogas units, customers save up to 70% in energy costs and reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

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