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Logic Energy USA, Corp. is authorized to sell and install PureCells® 400 fuel cells systems, which are fabricated by Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. We also offer 2G Modular Systems. These are CHP (combined heat and power), developed by 2G Energy Inc., specialists in cogeneration systems. Our market is Latin America and the Caribbean. We analyze, manage and implement efficient energy solutions. This is the safest way to obtain electric independence; with CAT 5 redundancy configuration. We are engaged with the integration of new technologies in order to help the environment. We want to offer energy in a clean and efficient way.

It is important to take into consideration that the world is in the middle of a transition. Humans are willing to depend on renewable forms of energy. The most sustainable way is to consume our resources efficiently; it is not only the most sustainable way but also the smartest. Our responsibility is to bring a message of relief to all those institutions and enterprises that are looking for better ways to reduce greenhouse gases, such as CO2, methane and others. This initiative is a 100% rentable and secure, when it comes to energy production. It does not depend on high costs nor on the inefficiency of traditional grid generators.   

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